Driving Services Oak Bay Volunteer Services


We offer transportation assistance for clients who require drives for medical appointments, grocery shopping, food hamper pickups, recreational activities and other drives to aid in independent living. Volunteer drivers provide personal assistance to ensure each client makes it safely to and from their destination. Vehicles can often accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

Visits Services Oak Bay Volunteer Services


Volunteer visitors provide regular visits in the comfort of the client’s home. Whether chatting over tea or playing a friendly game of cards, clients have the opportunity to connect with a caring volunteer for companionship. Visits are an ongoing service to ensure a continuity of care for the client and the opportunity to build a lasting relationship.

Walk or Wheelchair Pushes Services Oak Bay Volunteer Services

Walks or Wheelchair Pushes

Volunteer-supported walks or wheelchair pushes promote active aging and a connection to community. Walks are a weekly ongoing service to help build a rapport between client and volunteer.

Social and Reassurance Phone Calls Oak Bay Volunteer Services

Social and Reassurance Phone Calls

Phone volunteers provide regular social phone calls, as well as reassurance phone calls that insure the safety of a client who lives alone. Reassurance phone calls follow an emergency protocol to insure the well-being of a client is maintained and should an emergency arise, a plan is in place to help that individual get the care he or she needs.

oak bay volunteer services help with reading and writing tasks

Reading and Writing

Volunteers assist clients by reading books, mail and any visual materials that can be a challenge. Volunteers also provide writing support by filling out forms and other documents.

Tax Return Services Oak Bay Volunteer Services

Income Tax Program

Oak Bay Volunteer Services is a designated agency for CRA’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and processes tax returns for seniors, newcomers to Canada and individuals living with mental or physical health challenges. Clients must meet the program requirements including residing in Oak Bay, having a financial status within the lowest tax bracket, and, in general, having a simple tax return.

We process tax returns year round and have our peak time during the regular tax season of March and April. If you or a loved one needs tax assistance, contact our office.

Minor Repair Services Oak Bay Volunteer Services

Minor Home Repairs

We provide minor home repairs to address simple household issues should a client not have the financial means for a paid handyperson. Repairs can include small carpentry, electrical, plumbing and painting jobs.

Helping with computers Oak Bay Volunteer Services

Computer Support

Clients interested in learning how to use a device or who need assistance installing software can access the support of a computer support volunteer. This service is for minor computer support for those who need assurance and guidance with using and maintaining technology.

Packing and Sorting Services Oak Bay Volunteer Services

Packing and Sorting

Volunteers assist clients with light household packing and sorting. This service can be utilized as a result of downsizing a home, re-organizing a closet or other organizing needs.

Gardening Services Oak Bay Volunteer Services


Our volunteers with green thumbs provide one-time or short term jobs to help maintain a client’s garden and grass should the individual not have financial means for a paid gardener. Services include weeding, pruning and mowing.